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Core-Effect allows you, a top executive, the visibility and functionality important to your role with current, actionable information you can use to help drive your company to higher levels of performance.

As a top executive, you may be in charge of a range of areas, including monitoring your team's performance and ensuring that they are on the right track to meeting the goals you have set. Core-Effect can help you make better business decisions with real-time dashboards that highlight key performance indicators, and key role-based performance snapshots. Make sure your company is meeting its goals by setting up comparisons, studying trends, and watching progress in all areas across the whole company. In today's business world, we sometimes find ourselves inundated with more information that we want or need. Exception reporting and alerts can help you take the right action at the right time with the right people.

Executive Dashboard

With the tools we make available to you, you can:

  • make sure that the team is executing and meeting the goals you have established
  • access to all company data real-time
  • look in to key individual metrics for actionable information
  • display information in text or graphical format

All information is up to the minute and complete to help you and your company continue to strive as an integrated team.

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