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Ecommerce is really just commerce today. Companies need to provide a great shopping and B2B experience on any device worldwide in multiple languages and currencies. What's needed:

  • Flexible layouts for a range of smartphones, tablets, and other devices
  • Maintain a rich customer profile
  • Know the customer - items browsed, wish list, purchase and returns
  • Know the customer's in-store, online, and call-in history
  • Understand and support lifetime customer value and complete history
  • Let customers manage payment methods, support cases and returns
  • Real-time integration to shippers and card processors
  • Targeted merchandising and promotions

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What Our Clients Say About Us

"I've never had this kind of visibility into my business." -CEO and former CPA

"The system you have provided makes reporting easier than any other I've worked with." -CFO and licensed CPA